Fund Formation

Investment Funds, including venture capital firms, growth funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, mezzanine funds and infrastructure funds have become a key part of the Indian corporate and investment eco-system. Palladium-Partners ‘advises clients in the set-up of investment funds. Our services within Fund Formation include:

  • Structuring the fund, including the geographic location
  • Advising on the appropriate entity or vehicle for the fund such as pass-through trusts, limited liability partnerships and companies, protected cell companies, etc. based on the objective of the fund and regulatory environment of the investor’s home jurisdiction
  • Drafting of documents including the charter documents for the fund entity, private placement memorandum, investment management agreements, investment advisory agreement, and other required documents
  • Assisting in applying for required regulatory approvals

Fund Investment

Palladium-Partners’ works with a variety of funds including sector specific funds such as technology, e-commerce and infrastructure (including real estate), as well as investors looking at investing in companies across its funding lifecycle from seed stage to late stage. Our substantial expertise and commitment to research enables us to create structures that anticipate future needs as well as cater to short to mid-term horizons. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Investment transaction structuring and advice, including the instrument/s to be used
  • Advising on the use of appropriate instruments
  • Conducting legal due diligence
  • Deal documentation, including term sheets, share subscription agreements, share purchase agreements and shareholders’ agreements
  • Formulation of exit strategies and assisting in implementation of these strategies